April 2, 2014

Skin Care Routine: Human Nature Products

I recently traded off all of my skin care products for Human Nature products. Prior to the switch, my skin was in bad condition after being irritated by a facial cleanser that was too strong for my skin. My skin type is dry, but the irritation just caused it to be drier than usual so I needed products that would be mild enough for my skin to handle but would also be able to provide much needed moisture.

After, my boyfriend, Martin tried using Human Nature products, he was the one who encouraged me to try it as well. There are so many great things to say about this brand. All of their products are 100% natural, and don't have any harmful chemicals. The brand also provides sustainable livelihood for farmers since the organic raw materials for the products are sourced locally in partnership with Gawad Kalinga. They have such a wide range of all natural products -- toiletries, skin care, make up and even household items. You can check out their website here to find out more about the brand.

Anyway, going back to skin care, I basically follow a simple cleanse, tone, moisturize routine, and here are the products that I use:


Hydrating Creamy Wash
I use this as my daily day and night facial cleanser. Since I have dry skin, it's exactly what I need because it cleanses my skin, and hydrates it at the same time. Unlike other cleansers that clean your face but leave it dry and tight afterwards, this always leaves my skin feeling supple after washing.

100% Natural Purifying Facial Scrub
I use this facial scrub once to twice a week to exfoliate, and I freaking love it! It's so cool because it uses real strawberry seeds to exfoliate. The cream base is quite thick and rich which makes the seeds not harsh on your skin. It's literally like smothering strawberries and cream on your face, and who wouldn't want that? My skin feels so soft and smooth after!


Hydrating Face Toner
I like using toner because I feel like it gets rid of any deep-seated dirt or leftover product that my facial wash wasn't able to remove. Other toners are actually quite drying on the skin but this one is pretty mild and hydrates my skin. It's also perfect to be part of one's skincare routine because it's specially formulated to prep the skin for moisturizing which is naturally the next step.


100% Natural Day Moisturizer with 15 vitamins and minerals
To be honest, I never really liked putting on moisturizer (even though my face badly needs it) because I hate the heavy, sticky feeling on my face. However, this moisturizer changed that. It is so lightweight and is so easily absorbed by my skin that I literally feel like I'm not wearing any product on my face. Considering how light it is, it's amazing how moisturizing it actually is. I've tried several moisturizers that have done nothing for my face but this works wonders for my dry skin. This was actually the first Human Nature face product I've tried and it's effectiveness is what sold me to try others.

100% Natural Night Moisturizer with jojoba and plant collagen
The night moisturizer is a little heavier than the day one but it's still easily absorbed by the skin. I also don't mind it since our skin needs more loving at night as it regenerates while we sleep. I love how my skin feels so moisturized and soft when I wake up!

If you want to try Human Nature products, they have different products for different skin types so just choose what suits you. In my case, these are the products that work for me. Overall, I'm very impressed with all the products and I'm so happy that I made the switch to Human Nature. I've had this skin care routine for about a month now, and my skins definitely feels more healthy and hydrated compared to before.


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  2. You're welcome! Glad it was useful for you. :)

  3. I'm really glad that there is a Human Nature distributor here in Malaysia - really saves a lot on shipping/postage costs. By the way, I also use the same products as yours above, except for 2 - Balancing Facial Wash & the 2-in-1 Scrub/Mask. And I'm on my way towards expanding my collection of Human Nature products. :D

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